Cyprus in International Tax Planning

The lowest tax rate in Europe coupled with a long list of double tax treaties, an enviable time zone location and a mature legal, accounting and banking infrastructure, places Cyprus high on the list of preferred jurisdictions for international tax planners.

Key benefits offered

  • Introduction of the concept of tax resident and non-resident companies
  • Taxation of worldwide income for tax residents and Cyprus-sourced income for non-residents
  • A uniform corporate tax rate of 12.5%
  • Tax-exempt business profits of non-resident companies
  • Tax-exempt gains on the trading and disposal of securities
  • Tax-exempt dividend income (subject to applicable criteria)
  • Tax-neutral group reorganisations
  • Tax-relief for group losses
  • Full adoption of the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive
  • Full adoption of the EU Mergers Directive
  • Full adoption of the EU Directive on Mutual Assistance and Cooperation
  • Full adoption of the EU Royalty and Interest Directive

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