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The Aspen Trust Group delivers international corporate structuring and management solutions through our personalized range of professional services. From international transaction structuring to Cyprus business set-up, your financial architects have worked one-on-one with corporate and private clients since 1998 to provide strong, flexible and evolving business solutions. This is our Aspen tree philosophy. Inspired by the connectivity network found in an Aspen forest, our professionals work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand and tailor our multi-disciplinary services to grow our clients’ potential into a grove of business success. 

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Marina Zevedeou

Chief Executive Officer

Vivesh Pillay

Chief Operating Officer

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We understand that running a global business requires many moving parts, both financial and legal, which is why we help put these together. At The Aspen Trust Group, we offer a wide range of services that help propel our corporate clients further. From incorporation to representation services, our team of global financial architects makes it easy to profitably run your business in accordance with applicable compliance standards. We can also facilitate legal administration and secretarial solutions to ensure that your corporation is efficiently run.

Medium to Small Businesses

Does the stress of Financial Management hinder the fruition of your business aspirations? At The Aspen Trust Group, we relieve medium and small business owners from the burden of planning, integrating and managing accounting and financial solutions. Our team of professionals has the expertise to assist your business needs with auditing, financial reporting, payroll services, cross border transaction review and many more services so that your business can get back to what you do well, creating quality products and services worldwide.

Private Business Owners, Online Entrepreneurs, Digital Nomads

You have a brilliant new business idea, but wading through the logistics of legally starting up a new business can be daunting. We at The Aspen Trust Group see you as family and want to help you thrive in the market. We assist in the set up of your companies as well as help you move and work in your ideal location. We offer re-domiciliation services, registration of patents, office space in Cyprus and Cypriot immigration solutions. Get started with us and transform your idea into the next big business. 

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Financial Architects at Aspen Trust
Long-term Partnerships
Since 1998, the Aspen Trust Group has kept many clients, associates and employees for over ten years through our commitment to integrity, transparency, efficiency, trust and proactiveness in all we do.
International Market
Through the years, we have successfully assisted clients with operations in the EU, the USA, Canada, Russia, the Middle East, Australia, Africa and Asia.
Family Values
We treat our clients like our own family, which means our clients experience our values of respect, patience, nurturing, responsibility, cooperation and compassion in all we do.
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