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About the Aspen Trust Group

Who we are

Global Financial architects

We at The Aspen Trust Group excel as global financial architects and international transaction structuring advisors in the financial planning industry. We want our clients to thrive and we share our experiences with them to expand their horizons and expose them to different ideas.

We offer a diverse and integrated range of tailor-made professional services along with practical advice for corporations and individuals. We are part of their success story.

Since 1998

Our vision: To be part of every client’s success story.

The Aspen Trust Group’s goal is to tailor solutions that are efficient and professional for our clients and then assist in the planning, implementation and management stages of business growth. Our team is comprised of highly qualified staff, all of whom have worked in senior positions across Cyprus and Europe and continue to be recognized internationally. Your team can rest assured that our team has yours covered. 

The Aspen Trust Group provides quality solutions that demonstrate our commitment to integrity, transparency, efficiency, trust and proactiveness as we help our clients with the planning, implementation and management of financial management solutions. We want our clients to feel confident in meeting industry compliance standards, improving financial systems within the company and thriving in their respective markets.

Since the establishment of the Aspen Trust Group in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1998, our vision has been to provide financial optimization structuring tools to businesses enhancing the boundaries of international trade and investment and to individuals aspiring to grow and manage their wealth today and develop new sources of wealth for future generations.

We understand that businesses and individuals see financial success as a way to provide security and support for their families, which is why we see our clients as our family. Throughout the process, we take the time to really get to know our clients’ objectives and embrace these as our own.

Our team of seasoned professionals enjoys the level of communication it takes to accomplish this with our clients and also strive to have outstanding cooperation with key professionals in international jurisdictions. We want our clients to have every opportunity to achieve financial success without the stress of having to do it alone.

‘We enrich the lives of those who entrust us.
Our vision is to be part of every client’s success story.’

Marina Zevedeou, CEO

What we aim for

Our mission

The Aspen Trust Group aims to provide a full scope of services with personalized touch, while delivering custom-built financial solutions, which add value, as well as practical and solid advice to overcome any financial challenge. Our mission is to give our clients financial tools to assist them distinguish themselves as financial leaders in their markets. At the Aspen Trust Group, our goal is simple: to efficiently and professionally plan, implement and manage the most suitable tailor-made financial solution for each one of our clients.

Planning Your Solution

The Aspen Trust Group team has a strong and diverse range of experience that allows us to understand the full scope of financial solutions. Our involvement in this industry and through engagement with our clients have given us the know-how on providing truly personalized solutions to each particular clients’ needs while making the solutions easy and accessible to achieve.

Implementing Your Solution

With so much out there in terms of financial advice and possible solutions, businesses and individuals have so much to consider when finding the ideal solution and then attempting to implement it beneficially. A world-class solution can be less than ideal if the implementation of it is not custom-built to fit the structures and systems of the client. The Aspen Trust Group ensures that every solution developed in the planning stage is executed correctly by integrating our services through the set-up of various entities in different jurisdictions.

Managing Your Solution

Our global financial architects continue to look after the clients’ solutions to ensure that they remain flexible and relevant in meeting corporate needs and achieving wealth growth. The management of financial solutions should be an evolving process that gets our clients from where they are today to beyond where they aim to be.

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Quality Services

‘We ensure that every solution developed in the planning stage is executed correctly.’

Vivesh Pillay, COO

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Our Values

From international transaction structuring and financial management to Cyprus business set-up, the Aspen Trust Group has worked alongside with corporate and private clients since 1998 to provide strong, flexible and evolving business solutions. This is our Aspen tree philosophy.

As the Aspen trees in the forest join their roots in unity to form a single, lasting and growing entity, the Aspen Trust Group, our specialized partners and our clients develop an intricate network of roots anchoring the wealth tree to unprecedented financial growth.

Inspired by the connectivity network found in an Aspen forest, our professionals work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand and tailor our multi-disciplinary services to grow our clients’ corporate needs into a grove of business success.

Strong Leadership

A graduate of the London School of Economics, Marina Zevedeou has taken the company through a series of successful restructuring and rebranding phases, committing the company to thrive in transparency, compliance and good practice standards.

Global Financial Architects

The concepts of tax havens and tax avoidance have curbed proper financial planning, but the Aspen Trust Group team as true global financial architects assist closely our corporate and individual clients to live without the fear of non-compliance.
‘In business you need to work hard, to dream harder and to harvest your success with gratitude and humility.’
Marina Zevedeou

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International Structuring Experts

Our people excel at what they do, making our solutions stand out from the rest. The Aspen Trust Group team expands their skills through rigorous on-the-job training to evolve our services into professional, international and modern answers to today’s financial challenges. All of our highly qualified employees also advance their skills with continued professional and academic studies.

Meet Us

Meet our Management Team

Marina Zevedeou

B.Sc. (Hons), F.C.A.

Marina Zevedeou is an experienced professional with a demonstrated long history of more than 20 years working in the financial services sector. Her wealth of experience includes International Corporate Structuring Strategy & Planning, Personal and Corporate Taxes, VAT, Financial and Management Reporting, Group Re-structuring, Family Offices and Citizenship Programs. Her appointments included being the Chief Operations Officer and one of the Founders of the Cyprus-arm of Equity Trust, an International Corporate Service Provider.

Marina graduated with a BSc in Economics, Accounting and Finance from the LSE of the University of London, U.K. She qualified as a Chartered Accountant of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales with PWC, London. She has worked with PWC in Athens and Arthur Andersen and Deloitte in Nicosia.

As one of the founders and the CEO, she has taken the Group through a series of successful restructuring and rebranding phases and she continues to commit to thrive in transparency, compliance and good practice standards.

Marina Zevedeou is included in the ‘IFC Power Women Top 200’ most powerful women in government, private wealth, education, private client advisory and philanthropy across the International Financial Centres (IFCs) by Citywealth and received the Gold Award as the Woman of the Year in the category of Leadership/Financial Organisation (CEO/Board Member) during the Citywealth 2022 Powerwomen Awards. She has also been included several times in the Powerful Women List of InBusiness Magazine in Cyprus noting her contribution in the business world.

She is a member of I.C.A.E.W., I.C.P.A.C., S.T.E.P., I.F.A., I.T.P.A.

Vivesh Pillay


Viveshan Pillay joined the Aspen Trust Group in 2003 and is the Chief Operations Officer, overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the business and focusing on executing the Group’s business plan.

He has over 20 years of extensive experience in the field of Corporate and Banking Administration, specializing in tailor-made formation and administration of international business companies throughout various jurisdictions.  Having worked in the Banking and Finance sectors of Mauritius and UK, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the Group and continues to be instrumental in successfully managing the listing of Cyprus subsidiary companies to major international Stock Exchanges, such as the Bombay Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, AIM and many others.

He is a registered member of The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) (formerly known as The Chartered Institute of Bankers); of The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP); and of The Institute of Directors (IoD) and is also very fluent in French.


The team

And more

Our team includes various nationalities who speak more than 10 different languages and consists of:

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