Diversity and Gender Equality

Delivering Superior Business: Diversity and Gender Equality in Cyprus

The Aspen Trust Group continues to demonstrate leadership through example of improved diversity and gender equality in Cyprus companies and the advantages that come with diversity promotion for business achievement. Equality in the workplace and within areas of leadership provide greater avenues for perspective awareness, unique solution building, and relationship growth capabilities.

Our company’s philosophy has taken the progress made within the realm of diversity and gender equality in Cyprus, which promises to enrich the livelihood and business outlook of the country as more foreign and diverse talent invests in the region, and reaped the benefits of enacting a more global outlook to the way we do things.

While more strides are needed in Cyprus and throughout the global business market, current initiatives in public and private sectors of Cyprus are changing the landscape of the country for the better. The Aspen Trust Group is delighted to showcase how greater diversity within our company has vastly improved the quality of our services and the wellbeing of our workforce.

Diversity and Gender Equality in Cyprus Leads to Holistically Strong Business Practices

Although strides have been made towards closing the gender gap across all fields and embracing the variety of cultural professionals entering the workforce, the country is already seeing the business benefits of being more mindful of initiatives for diversity and gender equality in Cyprus companies. As more foreign entrepreneurs enter the market, business environments improve and strengthen via the wide scope of skills, outlooks, and experiences that come alongside these professionals. 

Embracing a Global Network

In much the same way, healthy gender-equal and culturally-diverse environments within the business sphere promote a varied quality of input and output for the modern world. For instance, Cyprus companies are able to acquire a deeper and more inclusive perspective on the needs of both their customers and their clients. As more businesses cater to global citizens and the social outlook of Cyprus continues to diversify, internal gender equality and cultural awareness initiatives within the company provide valuable context when building client-company and customer-company relationships. These can also shed light on product improvements and overall company well-being.

Equal Access to Leadership Roles

Another significant consideration for Cyprus companies should be re-examining the breakdown of gender and cultural diversity among leadership roles within the structure of the company. Beyond relying on the basic gender equality and cultural inclusion principles laid out within the legal framework of Cyprus and the EU, businesses can improve the quality of their decision-making and workplace systems by promoting these models in opportunities for management and team-leading across all levels of the company in order to achieve a robust and keen environment. In turn, greater dialogue, open communication, empathetic perspectives, and a more unified workforce will follow, propelling the business forward to surpass goals and execute business tasks effectively.

Whether a large corporation or a small start-up, diversity and gender equality within Cyprus companies put businesses on a worthwhile and sustainable path to success. It is by following these notions that The Aspen Trust Group has grown into a unique company within the business community. 

Diversity in Cyprus

The Aspen Trust Group: Redefining Strength in the Workplace

At The Aspen Trust Group, gender equality and cultural inclusion have become paramount to our success as a leader in the industry as well as valuable partners to our clients.

Our team of professionals has noticed that diversity and gender equality in Cyprus companies lead us to these simple truths –

  1. Our differences make us stronger, enriched both by our difference in gender as well as in culture.
  1. A diverse work environment nurtures wider perspectives toward our customers’ needs, product improvements, and our company’s well-being.
  1. By embracing diversity, we embrace the people around the world who have become our colleagues, our leaders, and our valued clients. As a result, our workforce is multinational and capable of communicating in more than 10 languages.
  1. The gender balance seen throughout our leadership and management teams reflects the diverse background of our employees, many of whom have found a home in our company for more than 20 years.
  1. The positive effects of a culturally-diverse workforce can be seen in the empathy of our colleagues. Keen understanding, patience, and a welcoming approach to listening to our customers have shown us how to better serve our clients through the years.

Hallmarks of The Aspen Trust Group Legacy 

Our blend of professionals across genders, cultures, and educational expertise has always been a source of pride as well as a vision of strength. We always believe in forging solutions for our clients that propel them to success in a modern world of not only the present but also the future. That same mindset has influenced the foundations of our company structure. Here are a few ways we have implemented diversity and gender equality in our Cyprus business:

  • We hire employees that represent the beauty of a globalized world – weaving together different nationalities and languages to create the Aspen environment.
  • We value local employees that have traveled the globe and bring with them a wealth of cultural experience and assorted perspectives.
  • We strive to recognize inherent biases during the interview process to ensure that our team of leaders is made of diverse individuals who are capable of more positively considering and recognizing merit through inclusion for all, preventing a skewed perspective towards self-perpetuating biases.
  • We actively recruit professionals in their fields to join our team that have culturally diverse life experiences and mindsets to better serve our international clientele in all regions of the world.
  • We seek out international conferences and networking opportunities to expand our influence as well as our own views of the world so that we can best represent the clients and team members who have become part of our family. 
  • We honor our membership in the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce Associations as it gifts us greater interactions with member countries and sheds light on the ways we are similar and special.
  • We are inspired by the leadership of our very own Ms. Marina Zevedeou: a 2022 Citywealth Powerwomen Awards winner, President of WICCI India, and Cyprus Chair of the Global Trade Wing of G100. Her distinct vision and keen global expertise strengthen relationships between the business communities in India and beyond as well as advocates for changes in the world for women.

Cyprus Making Gains in Gender Equality

In order to pursue further strengthening of diversity and gender equality in Cyprus, a wide range of legislation in regard to combating gender inequality within the country has been enacted in the last few decades. 

The Equal Treatment of Men and Women in Employment and Vocational Training Law and the Equal Pay Between Men and Women for the Same Work or for Work of Equal Value Law focus on closing the gaps in pay and opportunities afforded to women in school and workplaces. Other measures such as the Maternity Protection Law and the Parental Leave and Leave on Grounds of Force Majeure Law alongside the Equal Treatment of Men and Women (Access to and Supply of Good and Services) are significant legislative measures aimed at making it easier to navigate distinct social situations while being in the workforce, as significantly seen during the last few years under the Covid-19 pandemic health crisis.

Gender equality in Cyprus

Global Studies See Cyprus Making Improvements

As a result of government and private efforts, Cyprus has shown improvement in global studies on diversity. The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) conference in 2021 ranked 27 European countries in various categories relating to gender equality throughout the region. Scores were calculated by looking at a variety of contributing factors such as power, position, economics, decision-making, education, and health. The theme for last year’s conference displayed gains made for closing the gender gap across fields.

The 2021 EIGE score on overall gender equality in Cyprus was 57.0 (out of 100 points) on the Gender Equality Index, landing at the 21st rank. Since 2010, Cyprus has improved by 8 points. One of the largest upward marks was in the area of gender equality for access to financial resources. The current score of 82.6 is a 0.2 lead over the EU average of 82.4. 

A new calculation of index results is forthcoming and has yet to be updated for 2022 at present, in which the longer-term ramification of the Covid-19 pandemic on gender equality can be more accurately assessed.

Capitalizing on High-Quality Talent

The index report also highlighted the outpacing of women to men in Cyprus who had worked towards higher educational attainment avenues yet are often finding it proportionally more difficult to find work in STEM and technological-based fields. At the same time, Cyprus’s economy has been thriving as a hub for start-ups and other technology-based sectors with an enthusiastic eye for foreign talent. Initiatives for diversity and gender equality in Cyprus have the necessary framework to meet the workforce needs of companies while still leaving room for international expertise to enrich an already highly-skilled and diverse workforce. 

The Aspen Trust Group realizes that diversifying a company’s makeup is a guaranteed way of standing out from the crowd and making the most of unrealized opportunities. Our cultural and gender-diverse approach has assisted us to understand and better perceive our clients, their needs, and the services they value. In addition to delivering finer services, we establish long-term relationships with our clients and networks simply because we enjoy our work with them. 

To learn more about our initiatives and achievements for diversity and gender equality in a Cyprus company or to begin restructuring your new business goals for the next year, contact the experts at The Aspen Trust Group and see for yourself how gender and culture have strengthened our services.

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