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Cyprus is quickly becoming the top choice for businesses aiming to use financial planning to overcome global financial challenges as well as adhere to the new European Union initiatives. Cyprus offers various incentives for new corporations. The Aspen Trust Group delivers high-quality local financial services covering the local regimes which offer various incentives.
Areas which are rapidly expanding include the Intellectual Property Regime, the Incentives for the Film Industry as well as the Shipping Industry Regime.

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Cyprus IP Regime

Cyprus Company Formation Services

Intellectual Property (IP) rights cover a broad range of work including , but not limited to, patents, trademarks, industrial design, internet domain names, copyrights, as well as scientific, literary and artistic work. The protection of IP rights is covered extensively not only in Cypriot Legislation but also within the initiatives of the EU.

Cyprus is an ideal location for the setup of an IP holding and development company, offering tax and other benefits, as well as the legal protection afforded by EU Member States and by the signatories of all major IP treaties and protocols. The Cyprus IP Regime is fully compliant with the OECD guidance and international developments. It is an approved Regime by the EU.

We at The Aspen Trust Group can assist you to take advantage of these benefits and provide you the specific services for the registration of IP Rights, the establishment and management of the IP holding and development company as well as the calculations for the various tax deductions. Our team has the expertise to guide you through the Cyprus IP Regime and maximize your benefits.

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Incentives for the film industry

As the film industry scans the world for the perfect shooting locations, Cyprus is quickly becoming a new favourite destination with its scenic mountains and beaches. In 2018, the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency, known as Invest Cyprus, launched the Cyprus Filming Scheme. Aiming to unlock the unrealized potential of Cyprus as a film production hub, the new scheme offers incentives to production companies opting to film in Cyprus.

The Aspen Trust Group assists the film production companies navigate through the incentives provided by the scheme. Some of these incentives include cash rebates or tax credit, tax discounts on investments made on equipment and infrastructure and VAT returns on qualified expenditures. Our experts can provide advice on the best options for your financial needs and help you prepare the necessary reports to qualify for the incentives under the scheme.

Cyprus Film Industry Services

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Cyprus Company

Headquartering and Office Substance Services

Cyprus is the current preferred choice for the set-up of Headquarters for multinationals as well as Substance offices for Small and Medium size entities. The positive ‘can do’ business environment, coupled with the various incentives provided by the Cyprus government as well as the easy access to decision makers and the highly educated workforce are competitive advantages which make Cyprus the ideal Headquarter Location.

We at the Aspen Trust Group assist our clients through various services for the set up and management of their Headquarters and Substance Offices. Our services include but are not limited to: rental of office space, recruitment and payroll of staff, set up of internal and other controls, accounting and tax compliance services, administration and provision of IT services, corporate and banking introductions.

We stand by our clients to ensure their set up is completed within their timelines and in accordance with the local laws and regulations.


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The Cyprus International Trust


With an increasing demand on Asset Protection and efficient distribution of wealth, Trusts seem to provide the answer to a vast majority of international investors’ needs.

Trusts have been traditionally used in tax planning and offer the individual confidentiality, asset protection and the control of asset distribution during their lifetime and after their death. The legal framework of trusts in Cyprus is based on English Law and offers unique benefits making the Cyprus International Trust efficient, effective and accessible.

We at The Aspen Trust Group have the expertise to assist you with the set up and administration of the Cyprus International Trust as well as offering efficient banking solutions.

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Cyprus Holding Company

Cyprus offers a wide range of financial and other incentives for the Holding Company set up, including the lowest corporate tax rate in the European Union at 12.5 percent.

Along with the low corporate tax rate, there are various other benefits including no withholding tax on dividends and an extensive list of double tax treaties that make it a preferred jurisdiction for international financial planners.

Let the Aspen Trust Group professionals review your structures and assess whether a Cyprus holding company can directly impact positively your financial wealth. We can provide you with a detailed summary of the fiscal regime in Cyprus and then apply the rules relevant to your structure, including the setup of a Cyprus holding company. 

When it comes to international financial planning, we have you covered.

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Shipping Industry

Cyprus Shipping Industry Services

Strategically located at the cross roads of Europe, Asia and Africa as well as having close connections to international trade routes, the island of Cyprus is an ideal location for the shipping industry. Its geographical location has greatly contributed to its development into a thriving international business centre with a successfully established shipping industry as a result.

The shipping industry in Cyprus has a well-founded infrastructure and the services provided enable the island to successfully meet the high demands of modern and globalized shipping needs. The Cypriot fiscal regime has been a strong influence in the rapid expansion of the shipping industry and new policy initiatives are continually taking shape to further strengthen the industry.

As a result, some of the world’s largest international ship management companies have established their headquarters and base operations in Cyprus. Each year, the island increases its recognition for being one of the most favourable shipping and ship management centres worldwide.

We at The Aspen Trust Group can assist you to gain all the benefits this regime offers.

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