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The Aspen Trust Group Highlighted for Redefining Corporate Services for Israeli Businesses

PRESS RELEASE- On Wednesday, April 14, 2021, The Jerusalem Post put the spotlight on the professional services provided by The Aspen Trust Group for their commitment and understanding of Israeli business during its celebration of Israel’s 73rd Independence Day.

As part of the newspaper’s focus on Cyprus as a regional business and investment hub, The Aspen Trust Group was featured as a leading service provider equipped at enriching the business and investment activities of Israel abroad.

Managing funds and investments through various financial services and structures, the company led by CEO Marina Zevedeou has spent more than two decades developing a vast and integrated network of contacts throughout the Funds industry as well with foreign investors across the globe. Ms. Zevedeou commented that this huge tapestry has been built as they “build long-term, trusted relationships with clients, aiming to add value to their businesses and be part of their success story.”

A relationship that serves well corporate and individual clients interested in capitalizing on Cyprus as an attractive jurisdiction are Fin-Tech companies, taking advantage of the benefits from the country’s IP Box Regime and Headquartering. Some of the biggest advantages of headquartering Fin-Tech operations in Cyprus include full compliance with OECD and EU regulations for full protection, 80% deduction of revenue on the use of intangible assets, and a competitively low corporate tax rate of 12.5%. Moreover, Cyprus-resident companies may qualify to reduce their tax rate to as low as 2.5%.

Ms. Zevedeou pointed out that “Cyprus is constantly evolving to meet new market demands and make it easier for individuals to do business. For example, with the new Fast-Track Business Activation mechanism, companies can relocate to Cyprus faster than in almost any other country, as these new rules allow them to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and delays in registration, visa-issuing and relocation permits.”

While Cyprus policy has made setting up and conducting business an incentivized option for foreign nationals, the professional service sector with leading providers such as The Aspen Trust Group specializes in assisting with a wide range of corporate and personal financial planning and management services. In short, distinguishing Cyprus as the ideal location for many different business and investment prospects.

The fastest growing of these prospects is the country as a new international film production destination. The location of Cyprus alongside its cultural and scenic possibilities makes it an excellent filming choice. The year-long sunny weather offers plenty of time to see projects to completion. Further, the government of Cyprus intends to continue the expansion of financial incentives to draw international film production companies to the country. Already, many of the financial benefits reward film production companies who choose Cyprus and the team at The Aspen Trust Group can assist with the setup and management of the project while getting the most out of the financial incentives already in place.

Cyprus is an attractive jurisdiction for many foreign investors and corporations and Ms. Zevedeou and her experts have long established their relationship and understanding of the Israeli business world, even adopting the same cultural values into the leadership of her company. “Our Group’s core values of honesty, shrewdness and constant drive towards progress are deeply congruent with those of Israel’s business world and this is why so many Israeli corporations and individuals have remained loyal to our Group for many years.”

Contact The Aspen Trust Group to find out how we can best serve your Israeli business and wealth management needs as well as a large network of international connections to put your business where it matters most.

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