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The Aspen Trust Group is one of the most qualified and professional financial leaders in the industry when it comes to applying solutions for international tax law. We serve our clients’ taxation and financial needs with transparency, integrity and ethical business practices. Using constant communication, our team of global financial architects takes the time to fully understand our clients so as to design tailor-made financial solutions that grant them the freedom to do more with their business. Our quality solutions are the main reason why many of our clients have remained loyal to the Aspen Trust Group since 1998, entrusting us with their business aspirations.

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Tax and VAT Compliance

The Aspen Trust Group has a wealth of experience in the areas of VAT, Corporate and Personal Taxation. Our financial team has developed prowess in mastering tax and VAT compliance solutions. Through our services, we assist companies and individuals to comply with local legislation regarding these areas.

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We are equipped to offer the following tax and VAT compliance services:

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International and Local Tax Planning - in Line with the International Tax Law

With a team of multidisciplinary and highly experienced financial professionals, the Aspen Trust Group identifies the specific needs of each client to deliver the most comprehensive, accessible and robust international financial planning advice.


Through a series of assessments, our team determines all the areas in which financial advice is necessary so that our clients can rest assured that they are getting the most accurate and complete financial advice out there.


After the assessment, the Aspen Trust Group provides professional advice on the development of a viable and efficient international financial strategy that is incorporated well into our clients' overall financial strategy.

Our consultation covers:

Taxation & Financial Services in Cyprus

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Cross Border Transactions Review

Cross Border Transacion Review Services

Given the increasing levels of scrutiny and compliance requirements regarding cross border transactions, the Aspen Trust Group provides a dedicated team of financial experts specializing in the review and assessment of compliance, as well as the examination of the fulfillment of local and international requirements.

This involves assessments on agreements, banking arrangements, structure charts and jurisdictions involved, as well as tax and domicile residencies of individuals and entities.

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Our people excel at what they do, making our solutions stand out from the rest. The Aspen Trust Group team expands their skills through rigorous on-the-job training to evolve our services into professional, international and modern answers to today’s financial challenges. All of our highly qualified employees also advance their skills with continued professional and academic studies.

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Financial Management and Accounting

Controlling an international business entity effectively requires constant attention to financial management and accounting practices. That is why the Aspen Trust Group combines multidisciplinary knowledge with exceptional service standards when presenting our solutions to our clients.

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Our clients have profited from the following specialized financial management and accounting services:

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Audit Assistance and Financial Reporting

The Aspen Trust Group delivers flexible solutions to our clients. In terms of auditing services, we give our clients the choice of having them delivered by either one of the international top auditing firms or a local auditor. We want our clients to feel that they have choices. Our team undertakes the liaison between the client and the auditor to efficiently complete the audit and ensure successful local compliance.

The specific services offered by the auditing firm to a Cyprus Entity are:

Cyprus Audit and Financial Reporting Services

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Operational and Internal Control Reviews

Internal Control Review Services

Internal controls are the mechanisms, rules and procedures implemented by a company to ensure the integrity of financial and accounting information, promote accountability and prevent fraud. Besides complying with laws and regulations and preventing employees from stealing assets or committing fraud, internal controls can help improve operational efficiency by enhancing the accuracy and timeliness of financial reporting.

The Aspen Trust Group proactively assesses the effectiveness of existing internal controls while suggesting improvements.

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Financial Restructuring

Our clients cherish cost-effective financial solutions and our team of highly-skilled professionals deliver some of the most effective and practical financial restructuring advice. After a careful review of existing and proposed financial arrangements, our clients receive tailor-made proposals, implementation steps and management guidance from our team of global financial architects.

At a glance, some of our financial restructuring work involves meetings with local and international banking and other financial institutions, review of current and proposed facilities and mortgages, as well as the preparation of legal documentation necessary to support these company transactions.

For a complete discussion on our financial restructuring options available to you, please get in touch with an Aspen Trust Group team member.

Financial Restructuring Services

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Payroll Services

Payroll Services Cyprus

The Aspen Trust Group provides assistance to our clients as they work to complete all the tasks necessary to run their daily business affairs. One such service we provide is payroll services on behalf of our clients to their employees and executives.

we offer services to:

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