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PRESS RELEASE – Marina Zevedeou’s Female Leadership Honored by Citywealth’s 2022 Powerwomen Awards

For its 11th year, Citywealth has opened its 2022 international award programme to honor distinguished female leaders in the wealth sector as they continue to inspire the industry. The aim of the Powerwomen Awards programme is to “spotlight individuals and companies who support caregiving responsibilities, female leadership, and celebrate diversity.” (Citywealth)

To those who work alongside the positive guidance of Marina Zevedeou, one of the founders and the CEO of The Aspen Trust Group, it comes as no surprise that Ms. Zevedeous has been awarded the Gold Level for ‘Woman of the Year’ for Leadership of a Financial Organization.

Not only has Marina Zevedeou, CEO, navigated the company to the top of the financial services industry in Europe, she has also set new standards in leadership when faced with global challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2019, 183 women were newly appointed Fortune 500 board members out of a total of 462 individuals, representing 40% (CNN). Citywealth recognizes that the social influence on the sector is growing and having remarkable impacts on the way wealth and business are approached and conducted, but there is no room to slow down now.

Marina Zevedeou’s award is more than just a recognition of quality leadership and services for her clients, colleagues, and community; it is the definition of what it means to bring a new perspective to the industry and a chance to champion greater equality in business and wealth structuring for future generations.

Corporate and private clients find business and wealth success through the vision and values Marina Zevedeou incorporates into The Aspen Tree Philosophy: a combination of strong, flexible, and ever-evolving solutions tailored specifically for each case. Derived from the interconnectivity of the forest, The Aspen Trust Group’s core value harnesses the collective power of a global network of professionals to foster personalized services in partnership with their clients for business and wealth growth and success.

Moreover, The Aspen Trust Group applies the same strategies it upholds for its clients for its own business approach. Under the direction of Marina Zevedeou, the company has successfully restructured and rebranded to fulfill its commitment to good practice standards that are reshaping the European and international markets. Compliance, integrity, and transparency are key features of the company’s promise, in unison with efficiency and proactiveness.

Financial optimization and global company operations are no longer passing luxuries, but healthy, necessary tools to weather unexpected cross-border challenges and experience long-term success. The connections made internally and externally for businesses of any size as well as for individual wealth holders influence so much of the scope of their success. This is why Marina Zevedeou leads with her clients’ and her team’s best interests in mind. As she puts it, “We enrich the lives of those who entrust us. Our vision is to be part of every client’s success story.” It is the power of her distinguished outlook on business that is restructuring the lives of female leaders and their roles in pushing the wealth industry to new heights.

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