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Press Release: The Aspen Trust Group Named TIME’s Influential Company 2021

At a time when industry leaders and investors are pondering how global issues such as the Covid-19 pandemic will affect global business in the following decade, The Aspen Trust Group is providing a fresh, new perspective on international business and wealth management. Named as one of Cyprus’s top influential companies by TIME Magazine for 2021, The Aspen Trust group delivers more than just financial services, but a commitment to holistic financial and investment support for a new era.

The strategic importance of Cyprus as a financial and technological hub connecting Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East continues to strengthen, with many cutting-edge investment and development possibilities becoming reality. Key policy changes in the jurisdiction are also expanding the international community’s awareness of the beneficial landscape the country offers across a number of industries.

Alongside the governmental and private contributions to the financial outlook of Cyprus, the financial services industry has begun adapting to the modern needs of company owners and foreign investors. Able to find innovative solutions in the context of an inter-connected global market with unique challenges for companies and individuals at every level, The Aspen Trust Group continues to build upon a strong foundation of expertise and an ever-growing network of reliable, top-tier partners capable of addressing a multitude of financial wealth and planning services.

Press release TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine’s influential list is a reminder that the next few years will require commitment by financial service providers to garner multi-faceted approaches, an opportunity that the professionals at The Aspen Trust Group are excited to take on.

Already, the company has adopted a multi-disciplinary framework of services under the inspired vision of Chief Executive Officer Marina Zevedeou with many businesses, investors, and wealth owners already enjoying tailor-made solutions to everyday situations while preparing for the future.

Some notable contributions to the financial service sector in Cyprus include:

  • Renewable Energy Investments: From solar to hydropower, new developments are changing the way the world generates power. Find out more on the developments and investment options available in one of the fastest-growing sectors of Cyprus.
  • Outsourcing of Financial Services: Compliance standards and administrative tasks continue to become more complex, but The Aspen Trust Group can figure out the best approach to tackling financial services that weigh your company down.
  • Establishing Family Offices: The current global landscape is a reminder that preserving a family legacy is an important next step that shouldn’t be put off. Let our professionals ensure that the next generation maintains the values you’ve worked hard to establish.
  • Alternative Investment Funds: Navigating sudden changes, such as Post-Brexit business relations, can be tricky, but with the help of our professionals, relocating financial wealth or business operations makes things easier and more rewarding.
  • Digital Banking: Technological advancements are paving the way for the way wealth is acquired and managed. Our company optimizes these opportunities in one of the most important new financial and technology hubs in Europe.
  • Intellectual Property Rights: Safeguarding IP rights is no longer a bonus, but a crucial step in establishing your success in business. The Aspen Trust Group leads the way in offering the best when it comes to maintaining your work products without the financial costs found in other jurisdictions.
  • Emerging New Markets: Whether your field is in film or shipping, our experts stay up to date with the latest trends and more opportunistic markets for financial and policy concerns as well as the best investment and tax-related scenarios.

Being recognized by TIME Magazine as an influential company amid the global uncertainty in 2021 is only one small reward. The Aspen Trust Group sets its sights on delivering the highest quality of financial planning and management services to its clients – ‘Watching them thrive is the legacy we are proudest of’ Marina Zevedeou CEO proudly points out.

To find out more about the optimized and flexible solutions The Aspen Trust Group crafts for each unique client, contact our professionals to start your journey in one of the leading new jurisdictions in Europe and find the financial success you envision.

Read the whole section in the TIME Magazine here.

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