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Gaining a Wealth of Knowledge with a Strategic Wealth Management Solution Advisor

Similar to a financial consultant, a strategic wealth management solution advisor is a crucial component in navigating wealth management and long-term financial goals. As global systems become more interconnected and complex, finding the right comprehensive financial services to meet an evolving business and finance landscape is key in finding success for this generation and successive ones.

The Aspen Trust Group understands the dynamic global landscape and can provide you with the tools you need to select a strategic wealth management solution advisor that offers you more. Learn about the rise of wealth management advisors, a relatively new profession, the ways quality advisors can serve clients, and why it’s smart to hire one.

The Rise of Financial Consulting and Wealth Management

Five decades ago, the concept of financial planning as a profession and the role of an international financial advisor was established in a hotel not far from the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Given that world leaders had for centuries financial and legal advisors in some form, it is surprising that the formation of the professional field took so long to emerge.

Most financial planning timelines equate the Securities Act of 1933 in the United States as the origins for financial planning, passed to safeguard investors from future crashes following the 1929 stock market crash. Seven years later, the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 cemented guidelines on the regulation of the investment industry. It would take another 29 years until 13 financial leaders – versed in mutual funds, life insurance, and stock brokerage – met in Chicago in 1969 to form not only the profession but also the foundation for the College of Financial Planning.

Since the first financial consultant graduates in 1973, the field has grown to over 150,000 Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs). In the 1980s, the idea of financial consultants seemed to lack the scope of all the financial services as well as the depth of knowledge on financial matters across foreign countries. As a result, the modern creation of a strategic wealth management advisor developed to meet the demands for current financial solutions worldwide. In essence, the depth of services offered by strategic wealth management advisors can go further than those of traditional financial planners.

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The Features of an International Wealth Management Solution Advisor

As a professional expert on financial matters, a strategic wealth management solution advisor offers comprehensive financial advice from tax management and planning to wealth and investment management. Similar to the role of designers and architects, wealth management advisors generate plans to help clients reach specific financial goals as well as to provide successive wealth transfer solutions for the next generations in a family.

As a strategic wealth management advisor understands the various aspects of one’s life, they also become partners in all of life’s stages, including assisting with retirement planning. Taking this step with your wealth management plans means taking an extra measure to safeguard important assets of the family.

Not every wealth management advisor offers the same client services. Some might exclusively deal with investment management or estate planning; others provide full-service for their clients with services ranging from international business set-up to retirement accounts management.

An Expanse of Financial Services

A strategic wealth management solution advisor is equipped to handle a wide range of financial matters or to assist with specialized areas of business and personal planning. As financial professionals often get to know a client on a personal level, it is often useful to find a strategic wealth management advisor that covers all your business and family affairs under one roof rather than hiring multiple professionals. This ensures that knowledge on the entire scope of the background of your financial history as well as future wealth management goals for generations to come is comprehensive and taken into account when advising.

Some of the areas that a strategic wealth management advisory firm may serve clients in include:

  • Investment Advice: identifying investment options that limit risks and meet financial goals as well as navigating unexpected world events
  • Business Set-Up and Maintenance: establishing businesses in ideal jurisdictions for tax management and optimization and legal protections and then assisting with the structuring and operations of the company over time and circumstance
  • Global Relocation: providing international relocation or headquartering services for companies or immigration services for families
  • Family Offices and Estate Planning: creating family offices for personal wealth management and successive transferring alongside crafting tailor-made solutions for the life stages of all family members
  • Savings and Debt Management: generating strategies for dealing with saving or debt
  • Budgeting Assistance: preparing clients to make more financially-sound decisions when saving or spending to meet personal or corporate financial goals
  • Retirement Planning: pinpointing retirement options based on financial means, tax management and optimization, passive income interests, health concerns, and lifestyle preferences
  • Trust Formation: protecting assets using international trusts
  • Insurance Policies: navigating options for various types of insurance and assessing areas recommended for coverage
  • Tax Planning: offering tax management solutions for both businesses and individuals ensuring compliance with all applicable law
  • Banking Services: taking up some of the routine tasks associated with opening bank accounts or managing banking assets for both corporations and families; exploring new trends in digital banking solutions for business
  • Financial Reporting: preparing important corporate documentation relating to financial assessments and reporting to meet compliance requirements
  • Administrative Corporate Tasks: executing daily business tasks such as secretarial duties, payroll services, and employee or company registration
  • Patent Registration: securing protection for important patents and business work products through registration assistance
  • IP Protection: offering advice on jurisdictions that provide the most for IP protection as well as managing IP rights

The Necessity of Strategic Wealth Management Professionals

Simply put, a strategic wealth management advisory firm has the resources to help any business or individual assess financial situations, prepare strategies to meet financial goals, and manage wealth and the legal obligations associated with it.

Properly implementing and managing investments and assets takes time and effort. It also can be a burden on capital and resources. Moreover, financial decisions can be overwhelming and never-ending.

The role of a strategic wealth management advisor is to aid in alleviating some of these burdens, find overlooked areas to optimize to save time and money, and keep businesses and individuals on track to meet wealth growth goals. They can also evaluate and introduce new opportunities for investing, relocating, or structuring around the globe to make sure your assets are not only safe but continue to flourish.

In all, hiring a wealth management advisor that is capable of covering all the financial aspects of your life and your business can save you time and money in the long-run.

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The Aspen Trust Group: A Strategic Wealth Management Solution Advisor You Can Trust

At The Aspen Trust Group, we are more than just an advisory firm, we are financial architects that pride ourselves on being expert strategic wealth management solution advisors. We design tailor-made solutions for businesses and families alike. Our comprehensive financial services excel at providing our clients diverse and cutting-edge opportunities to maximize their financial benefits while minimizing risks and burdens using the latest in tax or legal advice.

Our solutions are envisioned using three stages of insightful, unique financial advice in planning, implementing, and managing wealth growth. Our highly qualified senior financial professionals come from a wide range of professional and international backgrounds to ensure that our solutions fit the particular needs of our clients as we thoroughly check the background of their finances and help them manage all the areas of their lives and businesses moving forward.

Led by the Aspen tree philosophy in which an intricate network of specialized professionals come together to foster unity for financial success, The Aspen Trust Group harnesses the power of multi-disciplinary financial services so our clients and successive generations can thrive while meeting global compliance standards.

Consult with our team today to discover our comprehensive financial solutions and how we can be your strategic wealth management solution advisor that not only gets you further but puts you first.

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